Two Happy Teacups

Tessie Turns Two !!!

What are we thankful for this Holiday season?   Our supportive friends and customers of course!

My how quickly these last two years have flown by!  Just yesterday it seems we were knee deep in paint, plaster, renovation pains and business plans.    Then suddenly it was opening day, Nov 1st 2003.   In the quiet of that early Saturday morning, with nervous smiles and hopeful hearts we opened our Farm House doors for the first time, wondering if anyone would come.  

Now two years later, with beaming smiles and grateful hearts, we think about everyone who has entered through those doors as new customers and left as old friends.    The countless special moments we were honored to host; the laughter and the conversations; the birthdays and anniversaries; the baby and wedding showers; the families and friendships; the hello hugs and till we meet again tears.   Each memory brings a smile, each moment touched our hearts.  

Thank you!



Tea Talk

A word about Tea

How to Brew a Perfect Pot of Tea

 Tea from bags is comparable in flavor to instant coffee.   Loose Tea made the proper way is like gourmet coffee.   There truly is that much difference in flavor. 

  1. Boil a kettle of freshly drawn water.
  2. Pour one inch of the hot water into teapot.  Swirl to warm the teapot then pour out through the spout.
  3. Measure in the tea, using one tsp per cup of water and one tsp for the pot.
  4. Add rapidly boiling water and steep for 5 minutes. (This time could vary by tea and preference)
  5. Strain, pour into teacup and enjoy!
  6. Dispose of used leaves in garbage or compost pile.   Even if you have a disposal the leaves can clog your sink.



A tempest contained in a tempered teapot,               when splashed and spilled will scold if still hot.

Words which I right, when written read wrong.       The sentences that spill belie they belong,              to memories contained and tempered by time, warming these pages with reflective rhyme.

                                                     Eric Heck


Chamomile Moments

Stories to warm the heart

While organizing some of the clutter at home, I came across a wrinkled, yellowed and stained piece of paper in a box in the basement.   Unfolding the page reveled a memory; in handwriting that was instantly familiar.   The words, in my father’s own hand, were written over 15 years ago just before my grandfather passed away.  The sentiment, matching my own memory, could have been written by me 9 years ago when I last walked with my Dad.   After reading these reflective rhymes I sniffled a little and then a smile came to my face as I thought about our sameness and the words which I’d right…


                                       Lawrence H. Heck

These eyes have seen him standing tall; 

          the strongest, tallest man of all.

 These hands have felt his strong firm grip;

          guiding, caring, lest I slip.

 These ears have heard his soft words;

     of why there was wind, why there was rain,

     why there was joy and sometimes pain.

Where was Katmandu, even Timbuktu;   

And at least, a time or two….                        

A touch, a smile, a bit more than “How do you do?”

 Now here stand I, never quite that tall,

          for heroes always stand above one and all. Yet to look in his eyes, my gaze now must drop,    his eyes sparkle, and twinkle and then stop…

 These arms still feel that same strong grip,

          as he holds me for fear he may slip…

 And my lips speak words of wind and rain,

     they tell him of joy and they tell him of pain,

and even where in the world we could be…

but his mind, his ears, hear so little

          his eyes question me…

 Time has gone by, lost like a breeze,

        Gone summer’s heat;                                           Gone winter’s freeze;                                    Perhaps gone a child’s thoughts,                              Even a young man’s dreams.

 Yet a grown man reflects of when he was a lad.

          How so wonderful the world 

                           when I walked with my Dad…



Talking Teacups

Health Benefits of Tea

Here's Drinking To Your Health

Drinking tea not only provides a flavorful taste experience, but also helps promote good health. Since ancient times, the Chinese have valued tea’s medicinal properties and praised its many health benefits.

Today, scientific research and modern medicine affirm that tea, whether Black, Green, White or Red, may provide an impressive list of health benefits. We encourage you to learn more about the potential health benefits of tea online or at The Talking Teacup and hope that you will get infused with the taste and the medicinal value of tea!

Tea’s Role in Preventing Cancer and Heart Disease:  It’s believed that free radicals can cause heart disease, some kinds of cancer and increase the risk of strokes. Recent research has shown the following:

·         Drinking tea with its high antioxidant levels may help protect the body from cancer by combating dangerous free radical activity and inhibiting uncontrolled cell growth.

·        Anti-oxidants may have curative properties that inhibit the development of heart disease and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack

·        Tea may increase coronary flow and promote healthy blood vessel functionality.

·         Consuming tea lowers cholesterol levels.

Tea’s Role in Naturally Combating Anxiety and Stress.  L-theanine, a unique amino acid, accounts for over 50% of the free amino acids in tea leaves.  Studies show that it may promote relaxation and calm by influencing chemicals in the brain as it is derivative of glutamic acid, a neurotransmitter located in the brain. Easily absorbed by the brain, it influences chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, which affect mood. Studies show that the amino acid, without causing drowsiness, enhances overall concentration and focus. The effect of L-theanine in combination with caffeine may contribute to the feeling of increased energy and overall calm that many tea drinkers experience

Tea and the Immune System.  Research indicates that drinking tea helps strengthen the immune system.   L-theanine, as discussed above, also aids the immune system in combating and naturally resisting infection, bacteria and viruses.

Tea and Weight Management.  Some preliminary research shows that drinking Green tea may help decrease body weight and speed up insulin activity.

Tea and Bone Health.   Research indicates that tea flavonoids may strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.