The Changing Look out Front

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The front of the building standing tall after 250 years for the right side and 195 years for the left side and only 2 days under our care.

With the shutters removed we begin our makeover with a little scrape here and a big patch there.  Soon she'll be looking as good as new.
With the cracks and patches primed, we begin knockin' on the front door. A work in progress, her true colors beginning to shine through.
Excuse me, but I think you missed a spot way up there! All I need are my shutters and I'm ready to paint this town red...
   Kathy, Roberta and the Teacup sitting pretty and having a chamomile moment while enjoying the warmth of the sun and the proud glow of the Teacup's newly restored look. With my makeover complete, the sun shinning on my doorstep and friendship warming my walls, I savor the moments with a few vintage friends.