Kitchen Garden

               Savor the Flavor of our Garden Fresh Goodness.

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Come, enter our Kitchen Garden.  Goodness grows through this garden gate.

Happy sunflowers shine over cucumbers, peppers, celery, watermelons and more...oh yum..


Flowers spill from Teapot and Teacup planters, while 15 varieties of tomatoes and beautiful broccoli reach for a sip! Grow
Blushing sunflower power.   It just makes me smile. The Tomato patch playing peak-a-boo with the Teacup Farmhouse.
From that gap in the fence and garden will soon sprout our Garden Shed Greenhouse.  The better to grow goodies year-round! Our garden grows from raised beds, laid out in a 2 by 2 colonial garden pattern which compliments the historical nature of our property.
Cute zukes! These tomatoes plants are over 6 feet tall and all organic!
Don't fence me in. From the corner of Butler Ave (Rt 202) and Skyline Dr, these sunny sunflowers greet commuters driving by.
Tessie, The Talking Teacup has her eyes on The Kitchen Garden What's the buzz