The Out Building Says Good-Bye

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The little old outbuilding standing in the sun.   Sadly, she must go to make room for our new driveway and parking.   But, we have an idea, let's harvest the tongue and grove "beaded" board and use it to finish the enclosed porch ceiling.   With what's left, we'll use to create our check out counter.

Eric, well on his way to harvesting the hardwood.  I sure hope that building doesn't fall on his head!


The outbuilding looking a little light and airy, as it gives up its best to her older sister, standing in the background.  Behind the the two windows on the left side of the main building sits the enclosed porch.  The "beaded" board, harvested from the outbuilding, now looks wonderful gracing the porch ceiling. With a crack and a groan she gave her final good-bye....
It was all in a hard day's work, trying to shimmy shake up the roof and strike a pose. Gone, but still with us.   The porch ceiling, our check our counter and a few extra support beams for the main roof.