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Roberta and Kathy removing the 'For Sale' sign right after settlement on August 15th 2003! 

Could those smiles be any bigger!

Our friend Paul removing the old OxBow Barber Shop Sign.  Part of the property, now our Gift Shoppe, had been a barber shop for over 30 years.  Many times during renovation, folks would stop by looking for a cut.  Some stayed awhile and shared stories about coming here as a kid with their dad, or about getting their haircut the day before they were married or reminiscing about their child's first hair cut.   To those who shared those warm memories with us, we thank you.  To those looking to create some new ones, we look forward to meeting you soon!


Roberta and Kathy putting up the temporary 'What's Brewing?' sign out front. 

And we laughed and we giggled...

Roberta listens and takes notes as Charlie Kramer shows her the finer points of sign design.