How The Talking Teacup Reopened!

The new Owners of The Talking Teacup, Patti Fitzpatrick and Nicole Boyer. Friends since Junior High School. Reopened The Talking Teacup on August 25, 2021.

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Patti was an original Talking Teacup Employee throughout the years the original Teahouse was open. She worked as Scone Maker, Waitress and Manager. As well as, Kathy Heck’s Friend and Marketing/Graphic Designer. Kathy and Patti the last year before the Teacup closed in 2019 formed a cooking class - Tessie’s Cooking Class. “Kathy and I loved meeting for dinner out coming up with ideas on the cooking classes and also on special events at The Talking Teacup. We spoke about my DREAM of one day opening a teahouse either here at original location or somewhere else.” Prior to Kathy passing she wrote to me saying do not give up on your DREAM...Your a good chef, baker and marketing person and you would be great at it. GO FOR IT!

Then January 2021 came, New Year but the Pandemic still here and I got to thinking and wanting a life change, also missing Kathy and The Teacup...knowing with the Pandemic many people will be looking for a place to go, relax and reconnect with family and friends. What better place to do it at - The Talking Teacup. If Kathy were here and well, she would have brought it back...I am sure of it. So I reached out to her Husband Eric with a PLAN to see if he was ready. He asked for a Business Plan and he may consider...

NOW, I really had my mind going with a PLAN and a DREAM...THEN telling my Friends Nicole & Jon Boyer the plan and them knowing I wanted this for years said...LET’S DO THIS...LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN. This is how we, Nicole and I became PARTNERS.

Nicole has a background in Customer Service and has helped her husband with his Landscaping Business (Boyers Lawn Service) for over 25 years. Nicole has also dreamed of one day owning a gift shop or shop of crafts. Nicole is hoping that co-owning the teahouse will bring not only a new adventure but also have a successful business to have for years to come and retire from. So when the opportunity to go into business with Patti came she was all for it and ready for a NEW Chapter in life.

With both of our talents and our dreams....we are sure we can make The Talking Teacup thrive again. Bringing back past customers and welcoming new.


Our vision for the renovations and how we wanted our visitors to feel when enjoying time here was the feeling like visiting GRANDMOM’S HOUSE. A relaxing and calming feel while bringing the eclectic, vintage, antique and shabby chic design to it. We even added our touches of what we remember from our childhood visiting our grandparents house - Vinyl Table Clothes...the colors and designs help the teacup have the nostalgia of visiting grandmom. We smile coming in each morning... it helps us remember our grandmothers who are no longer with us and gives us the homey feel.

As you look around - we brought back some of the original features of the home from as early as the late 1700’s. In the Gift Shop we discovered the original brick wall from early 1800’s and uncovered Wallpaper from around the early 1900’s, The Dining Room now has the original wood beams from 1761. We wanted to enhance the wood beams so we searched and found a fireplace mantel dated back from 1912.

We truly hope you enjoy you visit here and will come back for years to come.