Frequently Asked Questions

To help you prepare for your visit, we have gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Teacup FAQ

  • How long are seatings?

    All seatings are 90 minutes, with exception of special events and five-course brunch. Seatings for five-course brunch are two hours.

  • Why are seatings on a set schedule?

    Each culinary experience is scheduled to be 90 minutes. We want everyone’s experience at The Talking Teacup to be perfect. After each seating we prepare the dining room and the rest of the facility for the next seating. We do not want to disturb our guests by cleaning and resetting other areas around them.

  • How do I make a reservation for tea or special events?

    Call us at 215-997-8441 to make a reservation. Be prepared to provide your name, number of people in the party, credit card number, and any food allergies.

    Reservations may also be initiated through email. Do not send credit card information through email. We will call you for your credit card information to hold the reservation.

    Please allow up to 24 hours, Wednesday through Sunday, for a response to voicemail and email.

    Be sure to review our cancellation policy.

  • Are special dietary options available for persons with food allergies?

    Advise us when making your reservation about any food allergies. Please remind your server which party members have these food allergies. There is an additional charge per person for gluten free and some other special accommodations.

    We may not be able to accommodate persons with multiple dietary restrictions. Dairy free and Vegan options are not available.

    Be aware that our kitchen prepares items containing nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat and other ingredients which may impact persons with food allergies.

    We are unable to accommodate food allergies and gluten-free for special events.

  • How many people can be in my party?

    Our largest table seats eight persons. Groups of more than eight persons may be required to reserve a private party. We can accommodate private parties of up to 30 people.

  • When should my party arrive for our tea?

    It is best arrive on time or a few minutes early for your tea. If you arrive too early, you may visit our gift shop until your table is ready. Please avoid being late, as this could impact your party’s tea experience.

  • When is the latest to change the number of guests in my party?

    Guest count can be changed up to two operating days before your reservation, and is subject to seating availability. We are closed Monday and Tuesday, so changes for Wednesday and Thursday reservations should be made before Sunday.

    There may be a service charge for missing members of your party. Be sure to review our cancellation and party change policy.

  • Can I bring my children?

    Children ten-years-old and older are welcome in The Talking Teacup. We ask that you remind children that they are at a tea house with other guests who are enjoying their peaceful tea and company. Please supervise your children, and escort them to the restroom and through the gift shop, as there are many delicate antiques and breakable items throughout our restaurant.

    Our tea, soups, scones and other foods are served hot. Each adult in the party is responsible to ensure the items are at a safe temperature for handling and consumption by the children.

  • Can I smoke at The Talking Teacup?

    Our entire facility is smoke free. For the safety of all guests and staff, please do not smoke anywhere on our property.

  • Are we allowed to bring alcohol?

    Our guests are welcome to bring their own wine and other alcoholic beverages, however we cannot serve them. Please bring your own de-corker and drink responsibly. We recommend bringing your own glasses.

  • Can I bring a cake or other foods for our special occasion?

    Outside food, including cakes and other desserts, are not permitted.

  • Are teas available to take home?

    Yes, all of our teas are available for purchase, subject to availability. If you do not see the tea you want in our gift shop, please ask your server or the hostess.

  • Are scones available for take-out?

    Absolutely. Scones can be purchased in any quantity with a lead time of two operating days. Click here for more information on our scones to go. Please remember that we are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Cancellations and party-size changes must be made at least two operating days in advance, to avoid a service charge. Please remember that we are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so changes for Wednesday and Thursday reservations should be made before Sunday. Late cancellations and no shows will result in a service charges for each member of your party.

    Be sure to review our full cancellation policy.

  • Do you open during inclement weather?

    Everyone’s safety is important to us. The Talking Teacup management may decide to cancel a seating due to extreme inclement weather. In this case, we will contact the person that made the reservation to advise them of the conditions and reschedule the seating. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for important announcements.

  • What should I wear for tea or brunch?

    Proper attire for public places is required, including shoes, but you should dress in comfortable clothes as if you are going to Grandma’s house.

  • Is there on site parking?
    There are several parking spaces in the lot behind The Talking Teacup for our guest use. During special events, it may necessary to park in the shopping center across Skyline Drive. Be careful crossing the street. Please do not park in front of Action Karate or the spaces on their side lot.
  • Are Gift Certificates available?

    Yes. Gift certificates can be purchased in person at our restaurant and store. Gift Certificates can be used for regularly scheduled Brunch and High Tea seatings, but are not applicable for special events.

We look forward to serving you!