Halloweed at The Talking Teacup

Halloween at The Teacup

We love October at The Talking Teacup. The Teacup Dining Room is transformed into a Witch’s Lair. A few customers said it was like being in a Disney Restaurant or in a Hollywood Witch’s Set.

We started the Halloween Festivities with Witches Brew seatings on Friday and Saturday night. Our witch guests came all dressed up and ready to brew some tasty potions. The night was enjoyed with trivia, camaraderie, and topped off with the witch’s dance. Everyone had a wonderful time and we cannot wait for next year. We sold out both Witch’s Brew nights and we may add a daytime seating for Witch’s Brew in 2023.

We ended the Halloween Festivities with our Wicked Tea Party. In each seating we dared our guests to brave a tea party in our haunted teahouse. The Teacup staff dressed up to serve our guests and the teahouse ghost visited the tables.

Each course was brought out with a few surprises. Stewart the mouse may have jumped on a few scone plates for a visit to your table. We had blood soup with a wing of bat, tea sandwiches that were created for the wicked tea party and our kitchen chef may have lost a few body parts on the plates or added some wicked insects to see if you dare try.

Our teahouse ghost wanted to enjoy the event by wandering about the teahouse and visiting all our guests. Some knew she was there and others did not.

It was a blast of a month and we are thinking about what we will do next October. We already have a few reservations and 2023 is not here yet. Watch the events page for announcements of all our special holiday seatings.

Thank you to all those who came and braved our wicked teas and also the witches who flew in to dance with us.